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I've just read an article that compared a few free slicers. And the winner was the PrusaSlicer.

I'd like to use it with my Tornado, because I didn't get the settings completely right with Slic3r anyway. The profile on the sd card provided with the Tornado was for a much older Slic3r version, so things were missing. It worked, but the results were sub-optimal.

I've already installed the Prusa Slicer and did some basic setup as custom printer with Marlin firmware. Whow, there are loads of settings ... more than the original Slic3r ...
I'm mostly interested in the "Printer Settings" tab, sections "Custom G-Code" and "Machine Limits".

Does anyone successfully use this slicer with the Tornado? Could you attach your .ini file(s)? My Tornado is an older version, still having the MKS Base mainboard and the Tevo V1.1 firmware.