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My eye had been catch by this holder, when My PRUSA i3 3D printer was ready for work, and just waiting for a flament holder. I think this is a very good design, will be functional in most cases when properly constructed.I can tell the designer put lots effort into this.

Then later I think it was fun to print, but turned out not too useful for me, as the tunnel for filament in the satellite arm is straight instead of bend, added the length make it produce a little too much fiction for the filament. and for my printer the filament must first go from desktop level to the top of my printer frame, then go back to the extruder, the travel angle make it almost unworkable. Also for my cheap Chinese filament, the spool hole is small and the overall spool is quite tall, make the cone not able to secure.

I still find this piece very enjoyable, and very inspirational, will save it for future use.