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@dectoo, the only reason I didn't invoke the "automagic" functions you mention, and I referenced before, is that Marlin is in such a state of change and flux that I could not keep track of the changes. When there is a "final" Marlin or Marlin 2.0.8 (more likely), or Marlin 2.1, I'll start again. I suspect that this will be pretty soon, since the issues list for the latest Marlin bugfix is getting very small.

My Predator is pretty heavily modified, and I'm working on an under-bed piezo sensor that so far is working very well. But having to keep up with Marlin bug-fixes just doesn't fit in to the entire development process, so for now I'm sticking with the without bug-fixes. It's a baseline for me.

By heavily modified, I mean:
all steppers changed to 0.9 degree
drive pulleys changed from 20 tooth to 16 tooth
belts changed from stock to real Gates belts
idlers changed from smooth to Gates 20 tooth
smoother diodes installed on all motors
motor current adjusted properly
belts tensioned to Gates spec
carriages adjusted for play and slop
all bearings ultrasonically cleaned and lubricated with Krytox 106 oil
belt auto-tensioners printed and installed
stepper A4988 osc pin grounded
chamfered and lubricated heated bed washers
magball arms
direct drive extruder
under-bed piezo probe
new fans (all)
brba duct
moved filament spool off printer
moved filament sensor inside electronics housing