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where the original printrite was concerned I actually found that all the loss of levelling over time could usually always be traced back to the twin Z axis motors running out of sync rather than anything else mechanical on the machine, even to the point that the bed hadnt moved even a fraction of degree but you'd strangely lose level anyway.

auto bed leveling works by adjusting one of either of the two z axis motors individually until it achieves and balanced level across the bed, the thing is the very same result can be achieved by manually manipulating the z axis rod by hand, takes less time, costs nothing and without the added hardware/software it also means yet one less thing to go wrong on a printer that can often be temperamental even in the best circumstances.

coincidentally, even after I salvaged the parts from the printrite to create my Poltur printer design I found the two z-axis motor would still fall out of sync over time which just confirmed my suspicion that colido had likely just used the most super cheap Nema's they could get hold of.