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I find it used to "go out" when I struggled to insert PLA through the feeder. I've taken to rounding the end with a lighted match first. This prevents such struggles.

Don't be too long with the match - or the PLA starts to burn. Not good dripping burning plastic on your printer :-o or anything else for that matter.

So, with careful filament changing and rounded ends, I find it does not go off kilter so often. Remember - when the motors are switched off they have very little resistance to being turned, so almost anything can knock them out of synchronisation. Maybe load filament whilst the printer is starting a fake print, to provide more resistance? You get about 2 minutes which should be plenty. Push some filament through once it gets hot - to prime it (or add some start-up commands to do this, or both.) Then turn off and on again to give it a clean start, and away you go.