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I never bothered in the end but i'm actually in the process of upgrading mine to use the E3D Hemera extruder. I want to be able to print flexible materials and run higher temps too for more variety of options. It's a bit challenging, so far I have had to flip over the carriage as the heat break is shorter and the nozzle wouldn't reach past the bottom of the carriage. The belt now runs over the top. fitted the end stop onto the new top of the carriage, To clear the belt, will have to mount it sideways. I hope I can reconfigure the firmware so the X motor is reversed. Will need to create some sort of bracket to fix it all on, then find out how to mount a fan and nozzle. May be better off making a different carriage if its too difficult to adapt the existing one. This is the first time I uncovered the control board and was pleased to see how sturdy it is toward more recent machines like the Ender 3 for instance. It certainly seems industrial and the wiring too is thicker than others. Mine has the single heatsink with all drivers connected to it.