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Hi all, I am going to up load pictures. The part I am printing is a panel about 200mm+ high. And 10mm+ width/thickness. I was printing it in the X axis direction. About 5-10 Layers(5-9mm) high, I get a very large layer shift in the X axis direction. I am printing the same Part in the Y axis direction. So far after several hours of printing ZERO layer shift. I tried tightening the X axis belt. But no luck. As a short description. Here is my question....
What would you replace on the X axis. I.e. Belt, rollers, brackets etc. and replace with what product. I don't like the 2 screws on the right side of the X axis of a way to tighten the belt. There are 3D printable parts to add better tensioning of the belt. Does anyone have a fav. Design? Anything else I should change. I like the idea of tightening a big nut to hold tension. Instead of using the 2 screws. I thought I had this problem solved. I replaced everything else on the printer.

Thank You,