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Thanks for your feedback Jon,

The springiness of the "friction tongue" is defined by the number of shells (perimeters) of your printing settings as well as the "quality" or type of filament.

Depending on what material you are using you get different results. We recommend you to try a print with 3 or more shells for increased strength. Also print at 0.2 or 0.3 mm layer thickness.

If you having trouble with layer adhesion (if the tongue breaks) then you could try to print in PLA filament at 230 °C and slow speed (30 mm/s). If you choose ABS plastic you can also increase the strength of the model by treating the surface with a thin layer of acetone.

For best results you could also choose to print with nylon-base filaments such as from Taulman3D (http://bit.ly/1d4W9ea). That will make the parts super strong! :)