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I am using PLA and printing at 185 (205 on the first layer), and have already identified that my inter-layer adhesion is pretty poor.

I am printing at 1.2mm walls (so with a 0.4mm nozzle, thats 3 shells) and am using 50% infil as I wanted it to be strong. And am printing 0.2mm layers, so I am OK in this area.

I don't mind slowing down and heating up.. But I am not going to buy different filaments until my current stock runs out...

I think I might do a few tests this week with vertical shafts to see if I can do anything to make things a bit stronger...

But I am not convinced that my current setup will ever be able to produce that "Friction Tougue" that will always be under tension, and think I might look elsewhere for a different design (i.e as I said a piece of foam in the recess where the tongue used to be).