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What model of the E3D stepper motors you install? It seems like their Compact but Powerful version should have comparable torque to the stock motors, and should be adequate but I'm tempted to get the High Torque version for the axis motors, or the LDO equivalent. I'll probably go with the LDOs TBH, just looking at the spec sheets they appear to be the same motors, and they're a few bucks cheaper where I'm at.

I'm going to do an overhaul on my printer this summer, Hayden's magball arms, 0.9 steppers all around, linear rails, new pullies and gates belts. Now that everything is starting to wear out I feel it's time. I've already installed a BMG extruder, Phaetus Dragon hi flow hotend, magnetic bed, a knockoff Duet 2, and a ton of other modifications.

As I write this I finally realized what I think is the best, and relatively simple way to install linear rails. Drill and tap holes into some flat bar steel for the rail, drill holes into the extrusion that matches the hole spacing on the rails, slip the flat bar into the tower extrusions and use the flatbars to clamp the rails to the extrusions. The other methods I have seen like tapping into the 2mm thick extrusions or relying 3d printed parts to attach the rails just seemed janky. It should be a heck of a lot cheaper, stronger and hopefully ear than using aluminum u channel like what hamrx8 did. 15 dollars worth of steel, a transfer punch, a decent m3 tap, a few hours of my time and I should be G2G.

I guess the rails will add some resistance now that I think of it, I'll probably just get the higher torque motors lol.