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Hi everybody,

Me and my son (12 years old) refurbished an old anycubic Kossel plus. It has become very beautiful. It has turned black with yellow.
I changed the motherboard to a bigtreetech skr V 1.3 with three TMC2208 for the axles and a DRV8825 for the extruder.
And a BigTreeTech TFT24 v1.1 display to top it off.
Now I have started working on the firmware and am having some trouble getting it all right.

First of all, it is true that the BigTreeTech TFT24 v1.1 display cannot operate in two modes (original display mode and the TFT mode). Is there a solution for that yet? or is it choosing what default it will be for me.

In the Configuration.h I can't manage to set the "Step_per_mm" on 40 steps. after loading the firmware it is 80 steps. (I now change that in the display).

When I click on "Auto Calibration" in the display. Then the printer probes off center. about 20mm right towards you.

I tried to print despite everything. A flat round disc of 80 mm dia and 1 mm high. But after everything was heated up and the print started I didn't see a nice disk but a thick lump of PLA (center-right- away from you).

a bit of a shame, it went so well.

Maybe someone is kind enough to look through my Configuration.h and my Configuration_adv.h, and maybe see something that's not right.
you would do a great job with that.