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Hi nonaak, It's a great project to get into with your son. Deltas can be very aggravating though. My AKLP pisses me off every time it needs maintenance, and I'm also in the middle of a rebuild.

I'll try to help as much as I can.

My first question is about the probe. Two official versions were sold over the years. Can you post a picture or link to the one you are using?

The ANYCUBIC_PROBE_VERSION is set to 2 in your configuration.h, which puts the NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET at { -3.7, 2.12, -15.7 } on line 1135. I want to make sure you are using a probe that needs those numbers.

I use 2209s in the BTT SKR 1.4 that replaced my old Trigorilla board, so I don't have specific experience with your 2208s or the 8825 on your extruder.

I'll also leave the TFT24 advice for someone else, and have to skip the steps per mm for the moment.