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I have a Duet 2 the drivers go up to 3 amps, so no worries there. As far as the pullies idlers and belts I'm going with genuine Gates parts of off Filastruder, they also carry Hayden's Magball arms and as a bonus they're slightly cheaper than off of the site. LDO is from what I understand a very reputable supplier of motors, extrusions, rails ect. Regardless the random number generator has spoken, E3D motors it is lol. I also don't have access to a lathe, I wish I did, maybe some day.

EDIT: I poked around a bit more, got what should be the real specs off the LDO site for the LDO-42STH47-1684, they're identical to the E3D equivalent, so there's a good chance that it's literally the same motor. It looks like it's LDOs all around for me off of Printed Solid, saved like 20 bucks vs E3D. I also went with the LDO-42STH25-1404MAC for the extruder, same size as the E3D slimline but it's a bit more powerful.