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I tried Cura, Prusaslicer, Simplify and Idea maker with my i3 mega, cr-10, sapphire pro and my custom built hypercube. For me I get the best results after years of tweaking with all slicers out of simplify. The results with cura and Prusaslicer are basically the same, Prusaslicer does offer nicer features like Seam painting and custom supports are easier. For me Cura has the best interface, searching every setting is just faster than everything else. Ideamaker is also very interesting. With ideamaker the layers' transitions are not as good as the ones with cura, but the overall quality was better for me. Because of that I used Ideamaker mostly for printing with my i3 mega.
Conclusion: every slicer has it's own advantages. You may get the best print quality with simplify3d and maybe you can get great print quality as well with Ideamaker, but this requires a bit of tweaking. Cura offers the biggest community and Prusaslicer offers the best features for custom supports and seams.
These are only my experiences. Maybe the results will be completely different as you are using a different filament brand or something else. I recommend you to try the slicers as well, it is definitely worth it.