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the teflon tube connector (at the hotend (on top of the heatsink on the 'X' carriage)) is the only silver fitting (at least for my green 2018 version)(some versions of the titan extruder have a pneumatic connnector on the output of the extruder( size is rc4 m10)), the fitting is a pneumatic rc4 to m10 and screws in to the top of the heatsink, there are several qualities of the fitting told apart by the colour of the press down ring that the tube goes through,( the cheapest and most likely to break is the blue ring, black rings in my experience do not break nor do the metal rings) and it is CRITICAL that the tube does not move even a 100th of a mm while printing sd the tube goes down the heatsink through the heatbreak and into the heatblock and butts against the nozzle, if there is ANY gap between the teflon tube and the nozzle you will be getting jams and other problems