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Add me to the list!

I recently found a 'PrintRite DIY' and a 'PrintRite Compact' both second hand but hardly used and incredibly good value for money.

On the DIY I moded the 'front to back' rails which may have been unnecessary in hindsight but taught me a lot.
I also added an air duct that stole half the air from the extruder fan and redirected it to the end of the nozzle. This was a great success so I did a remake detailing the changes.
It would be better to have a dedicated duct and fan, which can apparently be connected straight into the board as can the heated bed. I think the stories of people frying the main-board may be putting me off as both these jobs have been on my to do list for a while now, couple of months at least.
Also, I've been reading this forum and someone suggested that the up and down stepper motors aren't very good either, they go out of sync. I'd seen the negative affects of this but just had to re calibrate ALOT, I hadn't put it down to the motors not syncing. I'd bolted the thing down to the work top and got to the point where I just gave one of the threaded bars a twist every so often and knew it was pretty close. I'm assuming its a pretty simple swap for a same spec but better quality motor.
If anyone has any advice or tales of what not to do as regards fitting a 'piece cooling fan' and a 'heated bed' and upgrading the stepper motors then please let me know, all advice would be gratefully received.

Another thing I'd like to do is re-configure the frame so that the left to right rods are above one another (like Prusa) instead of side by side which I'm sure negatively affects print quality. However...... is it worth it, should we just spend the money and BUY a solution rather than fixing what we've got? Until I can justify spending for a new one, I'll be fixing what I've got.

Whichever way you look at it, I think the DIY is fantastic and has hopefully inspired many people to take a spanner or a screwdriver to it.

Gonna go and big up the Compact on it's forum now!

update : there isn't a Compact Group 8(