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I'm a simple guy, but the conclusion was the best for me...

As stated in the conclusion by Joshua M. Pearce1,2

1Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, USA
2Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, USA

"This paper successfully provided three methods of quantifying the value of free and open source hardware in order to provide economic justification for the support in FOSH development investment. The methods are rela-tively straight-forward to institute and are based on reliable freely-available data with minimal assumptions. The case study presented found millions of dollars of economic value from a relatively simple scientific device being released under open-licenses. This represents orders of magnitude increase in value from proprietary develop-ment. It is clear that FOSH development should be funded by organizations interested in maximizing return on public investments particularly in technologies associated with science, medicine and education."

Interesting, and your paper has (as of this momment) been viewed 294x at the link you provided and have your run it though your own formula because you have also listed your paper as creative commons.? I would assume the views as equivalent to a download for something someone would consume with only their eyes and brain.

But the problem that exists in all investment models is return on investment. If I'm investing in FOSH model, as a user, my return is my ability to use the product. What about other investors? What is their return? I don't understand that. Should there be a stock market for FOSH ideas? How would that be modeled? Who would be the market makers and clearing houses for those investments to ultimatly dole the funds out to the parties at most in need to advance the idea being invested in.

Ie, Simplify3d is a closed source, paid for slicer for the 3d printer modelers. Some say work better, some say works the same as the free version. While Simplify3d will constantly have an income stream because of purchases, the FOS slicers like Cura or Slic3r will be strictly reliant on donations. Donations that the average user, such as myself, may not be able to make or make very large.

So if there was some type of FOSH stock market, a % of those funds "invested" could be doled out to the FOS community projects and returns generated by -- ?

Also, What % of the items produced as a result of the FOSH market are actually items that should of been purchased? (ie, I saw a pill bottle scan based on Walgreen's pill bottles.. Isn't that under a patent still? ) Do we run the risk of causing problems that results in the criminalization or at least doesn't help the goals of the general maker, if we are printing items that are still under a copyright of some type.

But, It is interesting to think about and fun stuff to make.