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Well, I've looked at Sensorica and found their site disorienting. The Google docs mashup of how to possibly do something and no clear leadership. Maybe it was just me, but I still don't understand how the revenue stream works if you contribute to them. I understand the external market company sells the product but no laid out % vs time etc. But, I guess its attempt to self assemble a group to develop OSH and convert that back to a tangible value to the contributors. Then the ADHD kicked in and I fell off the internet...

I thought that patents were to protect the product from being used by others commercially? I thought you could still look up the information on a patent and still build your own item based on it as long as you didn't sell it or profit. I always assumed that was to protect the person that created it. (Edison, etc...) but the problem is when you have companies funding patent creators and they have various contracts in exchange for their salary, etc. Individuals that patent items do not do it to tie up the product and keep others from using it, but to protect themselves from theft of a revenue creating idea. But, I'll have to admit that this is just my perception as I'm not a patent (or any other) lawyer.

Regardless, lest we drag this farther than you or I may have intended and in an inappropriate forum, I did have one last observation. As a new explorer in the 3d printer universe, and trying to show my own family the potential, I think the REAL value in all of this is NOT the few hundred prints of camera phone cases, quad copter blades, or even the cost cutting FOSH research equipment. Instead I think it's the ability to have someone look at an idea and tinker with it and maybe improve it. The ability for an "undocumented engineer" to break the monopoly of higher learning by "accredited" institutions. I'm finding other sources of designs besides thingiverse, etc.. So if I downloaded files and build something and return it better to the world, there is benefit to the societies and these institutions did non benefit from the certification and documentation that they provide to those that follow a more traditional approach to life. Obviously they will not be abolished, but their own value may be less. ;)