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I sent mine back because it was still under warranty. When I got it back I noticed they cut a much larger hole where the Heating Bed wires come out of the main body housing the board. This is probably because when the Bed moves all the way forward in the Z axis it pinches the wires a little bit. This is definitely how my wires got all cut and frayed up. Now I’m not technical enough to explain why those wires would effect almost every instrument on the machine but that was the only way I could tell they modified mine so it was probably the culprit. The first thing I did to make sure this wouldn’t happen again is I printed a replacement side plate (where the sd card goes) that had a hole for the heating bed wires to be rerouted around the side instead of under the bed itself. This will eliminate any potential of those wires getting pinched again and eventually fraying and junk. Hopefully this the story of my little guy and help yours get better! :) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2451362

MPSM Side Cooling Vent Remix for No Drill Bed Rewiring
by jctots