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Superglue works you just have to be careful not to use too much or it takes too long to set. I use a toothpick and run a drop down it to help control how much gets on the parts. Just let a small drop run down to the tip and if it's too much just tap it to get off the excess. On really small parts you may want to glue a larger piece with the toothpick and then use the left over on the tip to put a dot on the small part(s) Air needs to get to the surfaces being bonded for the glue to set and that can't happen if the area is "flooded" with glue. Superglue is a lot like 3D printing in that you MUST use a series of thin layers and build it up if you want to make a thick layer. Less is more when it comes to superglue and most people try to use way too much