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currently writing an automatic project deployment script, but getting hold up on the thing description patching.

I am able to upload most of the data specified in the API reference (name, license, category, is_wip and tags) as well as upload and delete files of all kinds, but uploading the description does not work, as the description always gets set to "null" after patching.

I am using the following params block for patching. All types are strings except "is_wip" which is bool, as defined in the API reference.

params = {
"name": thingdata["name"],
"license": thingdata["license"],
"category": thingdata["category"],
"description": thingdata["description"],
"is_wip": thingdata["is_wip"],
"tags": thingdata["tags"]

thingdata["description"] is meant to hold a markdown string, but for now I am just using the string "Autodeploy" for testing, which still isn't accepted, so my description will be "null" again.

Did the implementation of the description object change and is not just a bare string, or are there new, undocumented API objects for the new summary blocks etc. that I need to write instead?