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Oh wow, it has been a while, I don't remember the procedure exactly. Just reviewed my photos and unfortunately I didn't take any during the process. Here's what I do remember:

  • there is a spring pin through the end, visible in the one of the photos above, that holds the worm screw in place
  • on the front of the saw you can access a nut on the other end of the shaft by removing the cap nut in the middle of the height adjustment handle, slide off the handle, spring and the lock lever. The lock lever just slides off the shaft. Now you can get at the big nut behind that.
    I spent a lot of time looking at the open-inline drawings (http://www.hitachipowertools.ca/upload/fmproduct_filec/C10FL_OM_6726.pdf). The worm is labelled 238R, but the mechanism is not all clear from clear from that.