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For others/future reference - No, it does not without modifications.
The encoder wheel is off position that prevents it from seating correctly and the SD card/USB slots are on the wrong side.
Having said that, it's easily fixable with a drill, you just have to drill out a hole slightly higher and to the left of the current encoder hole and it fits nicely.
I just fit the TFT35 E3 v3 into my Tornado (Gold version/v2) with a SKR-2.revB board.
I also placed two washers under the screws to recess the screen slightly as some people have complained that metal touching the screen can make it unresponsive.
For the SKR-2 board, you can also dremel out the USB connector on the board to make a little more room (though you don't need to, its just tight) and make a slot for the microSD card - works like a treat!
EDIT - Added photos