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Yes I did.

What I got working is:

  • Creating Things
  • Adding / updating metadata (other than summary / description)
  • Deleting / uploading and sorting images
  • Deleting / uploading and replacing outdated model files
  • Publish the Thing

I did not try to update the user profile like you did in your screenshot though.

What are you using for authentication? I don't remember ever seeing "bad request" as a response. Have you generated an API key by creating your own App on Thingiverse?
I needed to put the api token in the header as a bearer token like this:

headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer " + api_token}

And then put the parameters in the POST requests Body like this:

params = {"name": thingdata["name"],
"license": thingdata["license"],
"category": thingdata["category"],
"is_wip": thingdata["is_wip"],
"tags": thingdata["tags"]}


  • str(thingdata["id"])
  • "/", headers=headers,

You can check out the code and documentation here: