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I read about the fact that many of You users cannot update to sailfish. The problem is the firewall in win7. You need to configure the firewall before trying to download the drivers. The first step is to shut down background services in Makerbot desktop. You click services in the menu.. And select stop background service. Then you push the start button and select the control panel. You open firewall and select advanced settings. To the left You then select incoming traffic. And then to the right select new rule. Program is preselected in the next screen. Push next and in the following screen you need to select the path where you installed the replicatorG recommended for your update as described in the installation documents. Now that you are finished. change the update path in replicatorG. And then push reset all preferences. ReplicatorG will shutdown. And when You restart the update will start aswell. And you will be able to see that replicatorG will download sailfish.
regards Magnus Norrman