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It won't put spyware on your computer. That's one of the many benefits of being an open source project.

I wouldn't say "better". OpenSCAD is a completely different kind of tool than SculptGL.

SculptGL is a visual sculpting tool where the main interactions are direct mouse visual sculpting. It's really good for artistic, organic forms like characters, creatures, or hard surface objects like a spaceship. With SculptGL it is hard, or impossible, to make mechanical parts that have very specific tolerances and precise surfaces.

OpenSCAD is a code (programming) driven precision modelling tool. In contrast to SculptGL, you never use the mouse to modify your design, instead you write a computer script to make changes. OpenSCAD is best for designing mechanically precise parts or designs that need to be parametric (customizable). It is hard, or impossible, to design organic, sculptural designs like the kinds that are easy to make with SculptGL.

So they are just really good for different kinds of things. One cool thing about OpenSCAD is that scripts that you write with it can be used by Thingiverse's Customizer app, allowing other people to make their own versions of your design!

Hope that answers your question! OpenSCAD is a really awesome tool and I encourage you to check it out. If you get stuck or have questions, post them to this group and I (and others here) will do our best to help you out :)