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I see, it's about 0.25" shy of being able to fit on the Dremel Idea Maker... bummer.
I've looked at the model and here's an easy band-aid fix I can do for you if you're really motivated to print this thing.
If you send me your contact information privately through Thingiverse I can send you the files.

The short of it is this, because the dowel pins extend about 3/4" into the block, I can make a cut 1/4" up from the base, and it can be printed separately from the main block. The first 1/4" of the dowels would hold that slice in place and the remaining 1/2" would engage the upper block (now only 5.5" high). I'd do that over just slicing the bottom off because you need the height to accommodate the 8" carving knife.

Thanks for looking at, and liking my thing!