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This is my first foray into 3D printing. I got a Lulzbot Mini a week ago and it has not stopped since. Being an electrical engineer, your designs are exactly the kind of stuff I am looking for. I am currently printing your dovetail do nothing box and your armed marble machine. I have downloaded a bunch of your other designs and will build them all. The Christmas tree Marble machine track will not fit on the Lulzbot platform. I can scale the X axis to .67 to get it to fit but then the spiral mechanism will not fit. I scaled the spiral and figured I would use smaller bearings but things did not work out too well. I usually give my kids some homemade gadget at Christmas time that use Arduinos with LCD displays, etc. but the tree looks like the perfect thing once I add a few personalized add-ons. If you have a chance prior to Christmas, would you make the tree track fit on a 150 x 150 mm platform? Great work! I build movie props as a hobby and you can see them at www.guarnero.com

Thanks again