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Apr 3, 2015 - Modified Apr 3, 2015
burtdonalds - in reply to flipper

Thanks for the reply and great work again!!! I already checked and it's gonna require some code changes to use marlin's current method (don't have time personally) for automatic control if at all with my current ABL servo (will be gone soon I am moving to a induction sensor also then I could just use but honestly I don't even think I need the gcode fan in its current implementation since my i3 with ANC, ABL, firmware retracts, good calibration, and the filament sensor giving me near perfect extrudes seems to have made it so I can easily print working gears at really sparse to no infill;(my 2 year daughter can break them apart since it is 1 layer on the bottom with a very slight distortion) and even the NASA wrench is now working with ease...I'd even switch filament 50 times; and still know the print will still be spot on to near perfect. I'm using it with my custom unreleased bowden setup with 52CM of ptfe between the sensor and center of the nozzle and it still works very well at even 350+MM/s extrudes (didn't paint the case either).