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Apr 18, 2015 - Modified Apr 18, 2015

Hi, I just ordered 2 of these and have installed the first one on my printer. Everything seems to be working except when an item is printing the status of the sensor flashes on my LCD so fast I can't see what it says. I'm using the full graphic controller. My flow rate also stays at 100% no matter what size the filament is. I can manually feed and see the mm range of 1.69 to 1.76 but flow rate stays @ 100%. Set at 1.75mm in my slicer. I've change the start code to include M405.

//When using an LCD, uncomment the line below to display the Filament sensor data on the last line instead of status. Status will appear for 5 sec.


That last line doesn't seem t be working as I see the status of the print itself and only see sensor status for brief flashes. To fast to even read.