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Well I think despite the fact that the print size is smaller, I think that it will print okay once calibrated. But naming it "rework" and calling it names like "improvement" is simply a farce.

What I don't understand is the overall single sheet design. It is build symmetrically but the X and Y axis are designed asymmetrically.
If the hotend moves all the way to the left the tip is around 2cm off the heat bed.
If the hotend moves all the way to the right, there are ca. 1.5cm of unusable heat bed.
If the heat bed moves all the way to the front, there are again ca. 1.5cm of unusable heat bed because the heat bed knocks against the endstop.
If the heat bed moves all the way to the back, its again the same as above, because it pushes against the timing belt holder.

I simply cannot comprehend how this design has so many makes and likes and no one cares about the cut down print size.
On the other side, if you look at these makes, almost all have modified the "Rework" design.

For me these files hosted here on Thingiverse and Github are simply dumped here and left for good. The creators of the Rework sell their design on their online shop and don't care about the DIY community. There is basicly more money to be made if you sell your reworked "Rework" design than caring about some niche community. We will deal with it anyhow.
Maybe I am just used too much to German engineering.