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Hayden, is it too small or too big? If too small, try adjusting the tolerances on the Phone dimensions tab:
5 Perimeter Tolerance: Defaults to 0.5, maybe try it at 1 mm? That might be too big, but you can tweak
5 Height Tolerance: Defaults to 0.2, I'd try 0.5 and see how it works. Hard to say exactly what you need without seeing the print, but that's a starting point if it's too small.

Make sure you're adjusting the 5 tols and not the 4 tols!

For what it's worth, I don't think this is a PLA issue - I print in both PLA and ABS with these dims all the time. More likely, especially if you're noticing this issue on a different printer, it's a printer calibration issue.

Good luck!