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Yes, the code is out on github. It is a version of Mackerel that supports a second filament sensor ('blob' sensor) positioned right after the extruder. It has a second PID loop that is adjustable via the LCD menus. The LCD will now show the blob size where it previously showed the min/max (you should see ‘b3.5’ there indicating blob size) This is very experimental with limited testing. Note that it will wipe out your existing settings saved in eeprom and will start with default settings. You might want to jot down any existing settings you changed before installing it. This is because I added all the new PID params to the eeprom to allow them to be saved.

I've found that this control might be helpful for controlling the extruder, even without a teflon die. Also, there is a repetitive pulsing in the extruder output that matches the screw RPM. I've wanted to update the code so that it is able to change the extruder speed within each rotation to compensate and smooth out the pulses.

The filament sensor (puller control) is hooked up to the original place on the RAMPS. The blob sensor now needs to be hooked up to a new input. Attached is a picture of where to hook it up (called RAMPS wiring and instructions with blob sensor.pdf. Note that its hooked up to AUX-1 and pin configuration is different.