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The Chitu g-code for the extruder is in millimeters per step, NOT steps per millimeter.

The default value for the stock geared extruder is M8011 S0.002560, or 390.625 steps per millimeter. A more correct value seems to be somewhere around M8011 S0.002430, or around 411 steps per millmeter. Just divide 1 by the steps per millimeter you think you want.
Don't forget M8500 to save the change.

To be more precise, you are currently getting 93mm when you ask for 100mm, or 0.93 of what you want. 1/0.93=1.075. 1/0.00256=390.625 steps per mm. 390.625*1.075=about 420 steps per mm. 1/420= about 0.00238. So M8011 S0.002380 should get you pretty close.