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Thanks very much for the prompt reply and info. ;-)

Yes, I turned the part so that the main flat part (the motor mount) was on the bed but I did it in SketchUp as I don't know how how to do it in Repetier?

My friend (I am using the MendelMax 1.5 I built for a friend to make my own) printed it again this morning and he says there is just some cleanup at the bottom of the drive side bearing and the drive side of the hinge. When we tried to enable support previously it pretty well filled it solid so we are unable to clean (all of it) out.

Could you recommend the settings that you would use in Repetier Host on that item please (as it takes 2.5 hours to find out if we have got it wrong again)? I think we followed a tutorial on the Net and set it to honeycomb with 5 mm spacing?

Also ... to make it eaier for others who may not have all the skills needed to deal with these sorts of things themselves, would it be better to offer the part / .stl already sitting the right way round and with the support block that you can just snap off like you often see on other extruders of this type? Like this:


I am trying to print all the parts needed to make my own MM 1.5 and have most of the parts now but my friends MM kit came with a direct drive extruder so I can't easily duplicate that. I have already printed a geared extruder but like your idea of a belt drive and have all the materials ready to make my own hot-end to go with it (luckily I have a reasonable workshop with a small lathe etc). My mechanical skills are much better than my CAD / software skills. ;-)

Once I have my own printer I will have all the time to do experiments but at the moment I would just like to print the parts with the best results and the least cleanup (if it is possible). I am aiming for a complete set of parts like this as I already have a friend who is keen to build their own MM and he would also like to use your extruder. ;-)

My friend gave me a spare Nema 17 type stepper motor and I am going to try using a 16 and 48 tooth ally gearset driving a 6mm OD hobbed fitting on a 5mm shaft (I may turn that from some 8mm stock and / or turn 5-8mm adaptors for a 5mm shaft in the 8mm bearings. I felt I should use a 6mm diameter filament drive rather than an 8mm hobbed bolt as my gearing was a bit higher than yours or the geared extruders (3:1 v 4-4.5:1). Your extruder design gives me more room to play and provides better bearing support when the load on the shaft in the opposite direction to the geared versions.

Time will tell. ;-)

Thanks again ...