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But the shadow casted by the led on the sensor doesn't cover the full sensor so only a small part of the 128 pixels is used to measure the diameter, so the smaller the shadow the larger the error. I think it would be improve the data if there was an option to increase the distance between the filament and the sensor depending on the thickness of the filament, it would improve the precision of the measurement.

Some screw system to increase/decrease distance and the calibration routine notifying the user as soon as 90% of the sensor is covert by the calibration rod shadow. Two issues with this

  • The calibration rod must be equal to the desired filament diameter
  • If the filament is more then ~ 11% larger then the desired diameter the sensor will not be able to measure the real diameter. However that 11% would already make the filament unusable for 3d printing as it will block the nozzle.