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Hey guys! I know there's no development for the trigorilla pro mainboard on the older mega i3's. The anycubic predator run this same board, but they have it baked into marlin for awhile now. I'm not a coder, but I was able to compile it for the mega i3 config.

Everything seems to work fine, except for a few things. The SDcard is non reading, the Z2 axis motor & endstop switch not working, also the screen is flipped around. The screen can be flipped in the config so that might be fixable. I just physically turned the screen 180degrees.

The second Z motor and endstops a bit trickier, which requires coding skills. The pins file have been update with the Z2 definition. So it's only running 1 stepper motor and 1 endstop switch. You can split the Z cable to run both motor, and use a Z sync belt to keep them aligned, like how creality does it.

I've been running it like this for months, no issues with printing. Printing from prontoface.

Hoping someone can fix these issues on here. It works, so I can make the firmware changes.

Oh,forgot to mention, the screen is running it's own marlin UI, it's a classic design or a full color one. Can be changed in the config file.

The compiled firmware is in the .pio directory. Flash it just like how the anycubic predator does it.