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Hey guys, being a programmer and a perfectionist, I thought I would share some of what I do with OpenSCAD. Rather, I programmatically create OpenSCAD models using SolidPython, and can even directly generate the .stl files to be sent to my printer.

FYI: OpenSCAD is a really inflexible programming language. SolidPython lets you program your models with all the pleasantries of python, and it creates the simpler OpenSCAD files for you (such as unrolling loops, hardcoding values). It will even make the .stl for you!

First thing is my printer calibration cubes:


Using this you can come up with calibration data for your printer. I actually made this before discovering OpenSCAD/SolidPython, but the caldata.py is referenced in all my other scripts. For instance, once I printed these cubes and measured, I determined my printer is about 7% + 0.5mm in both X and Y. Somehow it's perfect in Z. Once I put this data into caldata.py, all my other solidpython scripts use it to adjust my models.

The following is one of my favorite (and cleanest) scripts I came up with using OpenSCAD/SolidPython:


I have used this script so many times, and it works brilliantly. Should demonstrate a lot of different ways you can use SolidPython. Note that while you are playing with SolidPython, you can run your script to generate the .scad file. If you open this with OpenSCAD, and then run the script again with different parameters, OpenSCAD should update immediately. So just leave OpenSCAD open, and keep tweaking your script and you'll get instant feedback every time you run it.

Also have a simple script here for creating simple card holders:

I hope others find this information useful, and maybe we can use this area to trade scripts and techniques.

Printer Calibration Cubes
Generic Tray Creator Script (with rounded bin floors)
Dominion (Card Game) Resource Holder