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I'll come take a look, but I really like Reprap and I have purchased an Octopus Pro with 5160 drivers and a touch screen to replace the factory one, my thoughts are, I cant really increase the XY stepper sizes due to space limitations, so I will upgrade them to 48 or 52v instead.

Tested Klipper out on my Ender 3 with EX RRP board, was a little overwhelming at the time, and felt like it wasn't really offering me anything over Reprap, maybe Klipper makes more sense if your using a Pi and the factory board in a printer, or if your using a speed demon like a Voron, but I find Reprap with DWC to be fantastic, quick to edit and make changes to the firmware on the fly, it supports linear advance and many other cool features now, you can even run multiple firmware's on one SDCARD and quickly swap between them without rebooting.