Report as inappropriate is an online cad design program. You can use it on all computers witouth installation. It saves ypur progres all the time,and i personally use it exclusively. On the web page you have integrated tutorials. I
prOmise you, you will have your first design in 20 minutes. There is no need for instalation.

For the wheels, you could just attach some rubber, so it slows them by friction.

And for the printer, if you have money, get a bigger and better prusa, preassembled with multi colors.
Smaller one is ok,but a lot of time you needa bigger build plate. There are some times when this one is not enough.
And its not that big. Also, be carefull with the fumes. Lo tof people saythat pla is ok to print in house,but i really dont think you shoul. If possible, leave it in a garage, and ventilate, but there should be absolute zero draft on the printer. I believe it has some influence on the respiratory system. Dont recomend experimenting on self.

And for multimaterial add on, you have this soluble material that you can use as support. It desolves in water so its much easier to remove the supports.
Its a very nice feature if you have money.
Also you can make your designs a lot nicer, by using two colors, or more?

Go to and make a profile. In 20 minutesof tutorial on the page you becomea master. Itsall logic from there, very simple to use.