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Had a mainboard fan die on me the other day, so I decided to upgrade to some quieter Noctua fans on the extruder head while I was ordering fans. Replaced the mainboard fan with a 24V BTT fan, and the parts cooler/hot end fans with Noctua 4020 12V fans. I went to install and calibrate the buck converters, and got 24v fine off the hot end fan leads, but I'm getting mixed readings on the PC/MB fans. For whatever reason, upon setting the fan speed to 100%, I'm only getting a max of 10.5V that will peak at that upon turning on that setting, but then usually slowly drops to around 9~V where it'll stabilize. The MB fan is small enough to start with this voltage, but the Noctua fan won't even start spinning until it sees 12V. I upgraded to a V2 screen as well, and when setting the fan speed to 150%, it'll show 12V. I tested the power supply voltage and got 24V, tried swapping the mainboard, kind of at a loss here. Any insight would be appreciated!

Update to this already: it looks like swapping back to the old screen and flashing firmware for that results in it putting out the correct voltage when the fan is set to 100%. Right now it looks like the V2 screen/firmware doesn't call for the same voltage when set to 100% as the stock screen and I'm not sure how to address this particular issue