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For what it's worth I did something similar with my X-pro a number of months back and used a Lerdge-K setup. I couldn't happier with the conversion. So much so I've been waiting months for Lerdge to have the boards back in stock and they did on Christmas day. so I promptly bought another full kit to retrofit my X-plus printer and it was good timing too because that printer has been acting flakey recently. I'd love to retain the ribbon cable on that printer so I think I'll order a replacement breakout board that goes on the hotend or cannibalize the other hotend that came with it and see if I put one on both ends it will allow 2 way communication. If not I'll have to run new wires for all the parts which isn't a big deal but the ribbon is cleaner looking.

Here's my other post on the Lerdge-K conversion:

Since doing that my x-pro became my go to printer again over the plus unless I needed a larger bed size.