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I have pretty much everything to:

Octopus Pro
60v Drivers
5" Biqu Screen
Spare Ribbon Cable 2 x Breakout boards
10mm GT2 Belts
Alloy 10mm gears and idlers
Gyro Sensor
Copious amounts of PTFE coated wiring
and a plethora of bits and pieces

Still need to find a 52v power supply to run the steppers and I have now ordered a liquid cooled Biqu H2, I'm running the Hercules with at the moment, with what I would consider to be the worst hotend I have owned, the High-Flow Dragon, its total garbage and suffers from major heat creep, I run Biqu H2's on 2 other printers, and never do I have any issues, this Dragon is terrible and has got to go.

I'm currently building a compact Core XY from scratch at the moment, as soon as that's finished and operational, the X-Max is getting the X-factor treatment.

The Ribbon cable terminates the same at each end, but all you need to do is connect a breakout board to each end and do continuity probing, the other option is to move over to the Hermit Crab system from Biqu, that uses a USB-C cable instead, I've ordered a couple of these to upgrade some other printers of mine.