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I've been hearing for years about how sweet python is. Obviously, it's time for me to go there too.

Anyway, I did do that install procedure but instead of "--install" I used "install" as it appears that "--install" is not a valid option.

in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-package, I do have:

But the "solid" directory wasn't made inside site-packages. I tried creating a site-packages/solid directory and copying in the files from /solid on github. Didn't work.

I took your suggestion about just putting solid in a subdir, and that worked great. It would be better to not have to either move files around, or duplicate solid's subdir, but I'd rather start figuring out how it works than spending a day sorting out dependency issues. Done that about enough for one lifetime. ;-)

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion -- it's getting me started.