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Citrus Hills is welcoming veteran teacher and experienced 3D Modeler, Mrs. Leanne Edwards, to our school this year to teach our first technology elective. She's transferring from her previous school which had two (2!) MakerBot 5th Generation Replicators. Her 7th and 8th grade students had their MakerBots running constantly with their designs--now she's here to bring Citrus Hills Intermediate into the 21st Century, but they don't have a MakerBot! Yikes! What is a 3D Modeling teacher and students to do??

At Citrus Hills we will have 5 sections of semester long 3D Modeling for our 8th Grade students--over the course of a year that's 400 (out of 1200) of our kids that will benefit from this STEM course and who would grow from having a MakerBot in their classroom.

In Leanne Edward's classes students learn to 3D Model using Google SketchUp Pro. They begin by modeling small objects and graduate into exteriors and interiors, focusing on ensuring their models are photo-realistic and built to scale. In addition to her own curriculum, Mrs. Edwards also collaborates with 8th grade core subjects teachers to make their subjects come alive by having students model molecules in Science, create replicas of historical objects in History, design tessellations in Math and recreate scenes from stories in Language Arts.

Can all of this be done without a 3D Printer? Sure it can, and it will be exciting for the kids. But it is not nearly as thrilling as watching the kids see their creations come from nothing--seeing their eyes light up as their hard work comes to fruition and they hold their model in their hand. It is nothing short of magical--and we need your help to make that happen!

Check out our account, or look under things in this group, to see some of the items her students have created in SketchUp and see some of their models!

Thanks for your consideration!