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Yes, it would be the first install of Sailfish. It cam from CTC with ver 7.2 firmware. I read what people were doing with this printer and most said to do a step by step firmware update (which I did) I got to 7.5 and it corrupted my prom. The printer would not boot. I finally got it to start after I loaded a makerbot firmware 7.2.
When I downloaded the makerbot desktop 3.7 software bundle from their site. When I went to install it, I got to the screen choose what components to install. 2 components were listed makerbot desktop and makerware for digitizer. But I could not select the box to install the desktop. The only selected component was to install the makerware for digitizer (it was checked) and in the section showng how much disk space needed was 0.0kb. I tried to check the desktop option it was not possible, and the makerware did not show it would install any thing, I unchecked it and the space required did not change. So there must be something wrong with the software I downloaded. I deleted t and redownloaded it. Same issue, tried on another computer, same thing. I reached out to makerbot and not reply. and when I tried to download a older ver I was not able to find a working link.
I'm not sure if the dual extruder offset settings survived the initial firmware curuption. I not sure if I do the Sailfish update if any of this will work.
I am lost and the only for sure thing I have is a printer that is just sitting here.