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Thanks for all the information. It's greatly appreciated. I am using the latest version of Flashprint. It's actually when I updated Flashprint a few weeks ago that I started having trouble and it seems that each upgrade since has added more issues. I think there's been 3 updates in as many weeks. But, I hesitate to blame the product when it's likely user error.

I decided to spend my day just working on learning slicer settings. I started with using a temp tower to find a good temperature and I'm going from there. I'm printing an item that I've had trouble with in the past right now. We'll see how it comes out. I've tried brims and they just don't have the platform adhesion that the rim does. The rim does the job for adhering but then I gotta use a knife to remove the product.

I've seen some threads about simplify loosing it's edge as well. That's why I thought I'd post before making the jump. They have a two week refund policy, but still, it's nice to get advice from the more experienced before investing money.

Thanks again for the advice.