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I have a FlashForge Dreamer. I've made some mods to it, such as a glass plate and MicroSwiss full metal hot ends. I use 3DLac to help sticking to the plate. I initially used FlashPrint, but did not get good results. Although expensive, I bought S3D in 2017 and my prints improved dramatically. I am quite happy with the current results for all the filaments I've used (including Nylon, PETG, Arnitel™, Flexifill™, ApolloX™, etc). I did not upgraded FlashPrint as it required a firmware, an upgrade which I was not keen on as it would have dropped the max temps for both plate and hot end. I've now acquired quite a bit of experience with S3D for advanced printing, both with industrial grade filaments and techniques. Anyways, once I've printed a model, I remove the glass plate and let it cool down naturally, most models pop right off when cooled or I use the putty knife.
I don't know if S3D is still a working business as they don't seem to answer emails and have delayed their long promised v5 for many years now. I am currently experimenting with SuperSlicer which looks quite promising including dual extruder support. As it's a more recent and advanced slicer than S3D, I will fully migrate once I've gained enough experience with this slicer.