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I didn't have much luck glue stick. The first print went well, but overtime, buildup from previous prints was too much to handle.
I prefer hairspray for PLA.

70 degree bed + AquaNet "Extra Super Hold". I put a heavy spray (5 second mist) on the bed before letting it heat up -- this covers the missing hairspray from the previous print. Then a very light mist once it finishes heating up. The 70 degrees evaporates the water and keeps it tacky. Then don't try to remove the prints until it is completely cold. You can usually just snap them off the bed, if not the upside down canned air trick works well (Don't get this in your eyes: it will cause frostbite).

And the best part is AquaNet is water soluble, so it just rinses off with a wet sponge or in the sink.