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I think that this is a really brilliant design and the absolute essence of what 3D printing is all about. Frankly I didn't think that my printer (Robox) could handle printing it, but I went ahead anyway. Unfortunately I broke some parts while trying to prize everything apart - the screw head broke off as others have found out. Nevertheless I would say that I was 90% there. I used ABS which I think is probably not the right material as there was a little warping at the base. The peg did not print perfectly round which is probably why the other parts resisted my attempts to prize them apart. Producing the bars at the top was fascinating to watch as it literally printed a long section in mid-air - even though the ends were anchored. I printed at 30% as 15% looked far too empty. I think a different printer and filament could produce a better result, or maybe I need to try different settings, so I will be trying again.